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About Workwell

Employers across the UK are beginning to recognise the advantages of caring for their workforce- not just for employee recruitment and retention, but for productivity in the workplace. Employees simply cannot be expected to perform to their maximum capabilities if they are struggling with illness, family or other social concerns.

Work Well in Telford is a coordinated network of organisations interested in workplace wellbeing as part of their corporate social responsibility. Work Well is an evidence-based toolkit designed to provide local businesses in Telford with the tools to design their own workplace wellbeing programme, tailored to their own unique needs.

Work Well is a collaboration between a range of partners. Each organisation has contributed specialist knowledge and is willing to work with local businesses to help them to deliver employee wellbeing support.

A quality workplace wellbeing programme will be able to provide support to employees across a range of areas, whether in-house or through signposting employees to local services that can help them. Work Well can give employers the tools to do this- simply browse through the topics for advice, guidance and resources for each of these areas.