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Aspirations Health and Fitness

We recognise that a business/companies most valuable asset is their employees.

To help businesses support their workforce to live a more active healthy lifestyle,  ‘aspirations’ health and fitness offer discounted memberships for employees of companies/ businesses that are registered on our corporate membership list. These start from just £23.50 per month for access to 7 fitness suites, 4 swimming pools, 2 Health Suites with steam room, sauna and spa pool, and over 90 fitness classes per week!

How to register your company for the corporate membership discount:

Registering your company/ business is FREE and easy to do. To be eligible your company has to have 10 or more employees and complete a registration form. In return ‘aspirations’ will provide you with the marketing materials to promote this benefit to your employees and  provide regular updates on new offers.

If your employees join, at their first visit they will be required to provide proof of employment with your organisation in the form of a company ID badge or recent wage slip so the discounted membership can be processed.

To register your company CLICK HERE or for any further queries please contact Rachel Athersmith, Leisure Services